Fire Safety

Warehouse Fires – A Nightmare for a Business

Warehouse fires are not just a threat of losing expensive business stock and equipment but can also endanger the lives of staff. A warehouse fire is a real nightmare scenario for a business, so it essential for organizations to minimize the risk.

Causes of Warehouse Fires

  • There are many causes of warehouse fires but the top causes are electrical malfunctions and poor housekeeping. Damaged wire, lighting fixtures, and heating units can cause great loss.
  • It doesn’t matter who is the cause of the fire but what matters is how that mistake is executed. So always make strict laws to work in the warehouse.
  • Some fires are intentionally executed to claim insurance or to do some fraud.
  • No proper installation or maintenance of fire safety equipment is also the major cause of the fire.

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WareHouse Fires Preventions

  • Understand and Apply the Laws Applying to Fire Protection in Warehouses: Fire safety is governed by a number of laws and codes. That includes storage height, the distance between racks, and many more.
  • Often Carry Our Risk Assessment: Opt fire prevention according to the material you will going to store. 
  • Know What Products You are Carrying and Advise Your Local Fire Department: If you are storing flammable substances then issue safety data sheets perfectly.
  • Ensure Products are Stored Properly: Different materials require different storage units so plan accordingly.
  • Develop and Post a Fire Safety Plan: Include an evacuation plan and make sure the warehouse has a number of exits.
  • Train All Employees On Your Fire Safety Procedures: Train all employees how to tackle the panic situation so that loss can be minimized
  • Practice Good Housekeeping: Good housekeeping help to avoid the risk of fire to a great extent.
  • Don’t Use Electrical Heaters or Temporary Cords: Electrical equipment should be used outside the warehouse or use with some precautions.
  • Install Fire Extinguishers at Every Possible Point: A fire extinguisher is the best tool to fight the fire
  • Install Fire Alarm System With Smoke Detectors that help to generate a warning when the fire is in initial stages: Fire alarm system helps you to execute proper plan to save the lives and property.
  • Fire Suppression Systems (Sprinklers and hydrants) are Much Beneficial: Sprinklers help to extinguish fires when the fire has just started.
  • Regularly Check that the Smoke Detector and Sprinklers are Working Properly or Not: maintenance of the fire alarm system is essential as fire can break out anytime and anywhere.

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