fire fighting equipments

Fire Suppression System Requirements – When and Which Building Requires

The history of fire suppression systems dates back to the early days of human development. One of the first recorded examples of a fire suppression system was used in the city of Rome. This system consisted of a series of aqueducts that transported water from the mountains to the city, where it was then stored […]

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Inspection

Fire is the major threat to any place, in particular, the kitchen. The kitchen is a high-heat environment with no small risk, and mostly it is designed to be well-insulated. Especially commercial kitchens are pretty insulated to keep the required heat for cooking.

Fire Safety

Fire Suppression System for Data Centers and Server Racks

  Fire is a dangerous man-made disaster that can kill many lives and incurred a great loss of property. We cannot even imagine the loss that a fire can cause because fire can ruin a well-established business and home within seconds. We can never be able to remove the causes of fire entirely but we […]