Fire Safety

Smoke Detectors – Installation and Maintenance


Fire can cause great damage to lives and properties. So it is better to adopt some precautionary measures to live a safe and secure life. Smoke detectors are the first and prime method of security. As they can alert you in the initial stage of fire results that appropriate steps can be taken to prevent any injury.

Research and pick your smoke detectors:

If you don’t have any smoke detector or your smoke is older than 10 years, then you should install or replace a smoke detector. Before making any sort of purchase, have a little research about the smoke sensors. They are available in a wide range and variety. So purchase according to your need and requirement.

Purchase detector for every level of your home:

It depends on your building architecture that how many detectors you required. But you should at least have each on every floor. Take advice from some expertise about the points of installing the smoke detectors.

Promptly install your alarms in central locations:

Always prefer to install the alarms in the center location of any space. Read the installation instructions carefully and if the system required high power then install the wiring accordingly.

Test the alarm immediately after installation:

After installation of the alarm gives it a test try when everyone in the family is present. So that you and your family get aware of the alarm ring and educate them about the escape plan and the measures to be taken when any fire situation arises.

Perform a Power test monthly:

Some detectors are self-tested devices, still, you must test the power supply monthly. To verify the working of the detector, press the test button, and verify the sound level and working. Before going for any test, inform the entire family so that there won’t be any misunderstanding while testing.

Replace non-wired detectors battery frequently:

Some detectors need a battery for working. So check the battery frequently and replace it if required. Always pick a well-known date so that you will remember it every year.

Clean the detector thoroughly at least once per year:

Dust and pollutants can block the pores of smoke detectors. So clean then quite often.  Make sure before cleaning, switch off the power supply then clean it properly. Try to avoid liquid spray or cleaners. Only use a cotton cloth to clean the pores.

Smoke detectors are the key elements of the fire safety system. It helps by warning you when the fire is in the initial stages. Follow the above-mentioned steps to make yourself and your family safe and secure.

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