Fire Safety

4 Possible Ways Your Fire Protection System

Installing a fire protection system in your building shows your commitment to security and the safety of the people inside ? residents, coworkers, or employees. These people count on you to have the appropriate systems in place to ensure they stay safe in the event of a fire emergency. Regular inspections of your fire protection system are essential to ensure it meets fire code requirements.

These four common problems with your fire protection system can disrupt or prevent it from working correctly, thereby interfering with its ability to protect your property and people against fire.

Dirty Smoke Detectors in Ductwork

Verify that all smoke detectors installed in your air handling system’s ductwork are cleaned, tested, and working correctly. Large buildings often have extensive air handling systems with smoke detectors installed in ducts and dust systems. These detectors sense smoke from filters, motors, and fans, giving you early warning to take action.

A lot of air passes through an air handling system’s air filters, and the filters fill up fast. They require regular changing due to the rapid build-up of dust and dirt. Your fire protection system can only function when you maintain smoke detectors properly and clean or change air filters in the ductwork as scheduled.

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