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10 Causes of House Fire


Home is the place where we have beautiful bonds, but it’s the same place that has most of the combustible materials! So, here are 10 causes of a house fire that you should be aware of.

Heating Appliances

We can’t deny the importance of heaters, but we should also be aware of the cons. Kerosene run heaters are the most dangerous one. It is advisable to unplug them when not in use. One should definitely check the guidelines booklet thoroughly to prevent a house fire.

Cooking Related Fires

This is the most common reason for a house fire. It is advisable to always switch off the main knob of the gas cylinder whenever it’s not used and keep children away from that. If you smell gas leakage, then urgently bring to someone’s notice.

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Electrical Appliances

Electrical heaters, geysers and grills are good to go appliances and can also lead to a house fire. Be careful when there are any fluctuations in voltage. Moreover, keep fabrics away from them.


Aromatic candles are quite common to soothe one’s mind, but when left unchecked may cause mis-happening. Keep them away from your bed on a suitable surface. Never lighten them when you are outside your home.


Smoking is not just injurious to one’s health, but can also cause house fires. It just needs a single stray ash to ignite furniture and cloth. So try to avoid doing it inside your home.

Christmas Tree

Be it artificial or natural trees, both pose an equal risk of catching fire. Dried leaves just need a tiny flicker to ignite the whole house while the electrical bulbs of an artificial tree need a voltage fluctuation. So never let them on when you are not at home.

Faulty Wiring

It is quite common when you just renovated your house or shifted to a newer one. Faulty wiring further increases the chance of catching fire whenever there is voltage fluctuation. So get them checked by a licensed electrician.


Having barbecues is fun, but it should not be inside your home. Keep it away from clothes and plants. Clean it regularly.

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Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids further increase the chances of a house fire. It is advisable to store them properly and away from children.


Yes, knowing everything but still behaving like a fool is another reason. So be smart and take all the guidelines seriously.

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